Stop the cuts, stop the hike!

Save the T!

Get the images from our Save the T poster:

My Bus Taken Away
All of us need it

      Affordability               Empty          My Bus Taken Away         All of us

Me quitaron

       Costeable               Desastre             Me quitaron           Necesitamos

No cuts, no hikes!
WTF = What's the fare?!
Riders tapped out
Riders unite

     No cuts, hikes               WTF             Riders tapped out       Riders unite

No cortes, no alzas
Que cara@#!%
Pasajeros Unanse

   No cortes, alzas      Que cara@#!%         Legisladores      Pasajeros Unanse

Problem or solution?
See something say something
Public transit = Public good
No cuts, no layoffs

        Solution             See something         Public good             No layoffs

Problema or solucion?
Si ve algo
Transporte publico = Beneficio comun
No cortes, no despidos

        Solucion                Si ve algo          Beneficio comun        No despidos

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