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Updated February 2014

Sign and share our petition in support of a $10 Youth Pass! Currently, 1/3 of Boston’s youth are stranded from school, work, healthcare, extracurriculars, and safe travel because they can’t afford the MBTA. The T must immediately address the affordability crisis for youth riders by implementing a Youth Pass. The Youth Pass should be $10/month for bus & train, have no time or day restrictions, and be available for purchase by any youth between 12-21 years old. Sign your name and tell the MBTA why you want a Youth Pass!

The Boston Bus Marathon: Take Action

Support Bus Riders and Public Transit at the Bus Marathon Closing Ceremonies and Rally

On April 18th, after riding the Bus Marathon in the morning, marathon riders and their supporters will join public officials and community leaders at the State House to demand transit justice for those who most use public transportation. The two teams will announce their results and challenge the MBTA, the state, and the gubernatorial candidates to improve the quality of public transit for low-income riders and people of color in Boston.

Information about the Boston Bus Marathon

On April 18, the day after the fastest runners complete the Boston Marathon on foot in a little over 2 hours, riders in the first-ever Boston Bus Marathon will find out how far they can get on an MBTA bus in that amount of time. Teams of everyday MBTA riders in Roxbury, Dorchester and Chelsea will ride the "marathon routes" they must use in their communities to get to work, school, or grocery shopping. As public and media attention builds for the New England’s famous road race, we’ll be sharpening the focus on the daily marathon of MBTA bus riders, drawing attention to their message: That everone deserves access to first class public transportation, and that the MBTA should begin by running its buses according to its own schedules. The Boston Bus Marathon will focus on the challenges riders face in navigating a second class system. For example:

EJ in the Hood 2006

Saturday, March 25, 2006. United South End Settelement's Harriet Tubman House, 566 Columbus Avenue, South End. Our Communities are struggling with violence, service cutbacks, a lacking educational system and so much more. We need jobs to support our families, housing we can afford and public transportation that truly serves our needs! These are quality of life issues that must be addressed by all of us. Join us on March 26 as we learn, share and plan to reclaim our communities. This event is free (donations accepted) and childcare and food are provided. Need more info? Want to help out? Contact Khalida at 617.442.3343 x221. email: Khalida Smalls


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