Listening session with Energy and Environmental Affairs on draft EJ policy - Springfield

Join this public meeting with leaders at the Massachusetts Office of the Secretary for Energy and Environmental Affairs to provide discussion and comment about their new draft Environmental Justice Policy. Read their proposed policy online.
This draft policy is a direct result of Executive Order for Environmental Justice that we won last year. Signed by Gov.

Hundreds attend 19th annual Youth Summit

August 19, 2015

Sharing at a workshop during the afternoon session In July, hundreds of youth in the Boston area came together at our 19th annual Youth Summit to build power for youth and environmental justice. The theme of this year's summit was creating a Safe Zone where young people could escape from violence and other threats we face in our neighborhoods.

"People liked and understood the theme," said REEP Youth Organizer Asia Fleming. "Energy was high and it was a good way for youth to meet other youth."

We held workshops on gentrification and displacement, capitalism, body image, the prison industrial complex, police brutality, sexism in video games and more. Youth celebrated talents in our open mic by singing, reading poetry and dancing.

Thank you for coming out to learn, share, perform, make art and brainstorm changes we can create in our communities. Special thanks to our partners at Bikes Not Bombs, Chinese Youth Initiative, The City School and Youth Against Mass Incarceration for leading outstanding workshops. We look forward to continuing to work with you!

Discussing neighborhood changes in Roxbury

August 19, 2015 Discussing neighborhood changes at Hyjack dah Hood

In June, members and residents joined us at Hyjack dah Hood to talk about gentrification and displacement in our neighborhood over food, games, art projects and workshops. We discussed the impacts of structural racism on land control, food justice, and public transportation, and addressed changes we want to see in Roxbury.

We also talked about parts of our community we want to bring back - including some long-time residents' memories of growing apples and pears in Roxbury - and parts of our neighborhood and culture we want to preserve as widespread development brings rapid changes.

Thank you to Bikes Not Bombs, Right to the City - Boston, and Youth Against Mass Incarceration for partnering with us!

REEP organized this multigenerational gathering as part of our campaign to turn the tide against gentrification and displacement in our neighborhood. Stay tuned for ways to get involved!


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