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Save the date for Environmental Action 2008

February 8, 2008

Save the date for Environmental Action 2008, a conference hosted by Toxics Action Center and the Massachusetts Climate Action Network. Gene Benson and Marina Spitkovskaya of ACE will be presenting a workshop on Environmental Justice: Strategies for Success at the conference. This will be a day to share strategies, recognize victories, and be inspired to go back to our communities and continue the work to further efforts to protect the environment. Read more...

20 years later, EJ still a goal

June 14, 2007

In 1987 the United Church of Christ commissioned and published a nation-wide study done on the environmental burdens placed on communities in relation to their racial and class demographic makeup. The findings revealed a strong correlation between overburdened communities and their demographics, legitimizing the use of terms such as environmental racism and classism and forming a cornerstone of the movement for environmental justice. Read more...