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ACE Gift Memberships now available!

December 12, 2008

With the holiday season in full swing, wouldn't it be nice to get all your gift shopping done and do good at the same time?

For the person on your list who seems to have everything, why not consider giving an ACE Gift Membership?

ACE Gift Memberships, the present recommended by Dave and David of REEP

We'll send a welcome card that shares your gift, ACE swag and an introduction to environmental justice work.

Your recipient will also receive our monthly (occasionally semi-monthly) newsletter to keep in the loop on upcoming events and campaigns.

What could be better than that?

Gift Levels:

For a $15 donation, your friend, family member or colleague will receive a Welcome Card, an ACE Membership Card and an Annual Report Booklet. A $40 donation will add in a T Riders Union (TRU) T-shirt, featuring our signature transit justice program. A $75 donation includes all of above, plus our 20-minute video that showcases the people and stories behind our work. Read more...

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New study examines high asthma rates in Dorchester

December 5, 2008

Did you know that asthma is more prevalent in New England then anywhere else in the country? Or that African Americans who were born in the U.S. are three times more likely to develop asthma then African Americans born outside the country?

Exhaust from diesel trucks contribute to the air pollution in Dudley Square

A 2005 study of asthma rates in Dorchester published in the Journal of Asthma last month discovered these statistics and showed a strong correlation between asthma and environmental factors in children. This shows what we have long known, that the disproportionate share of environmental burdens in neighborhoods of color like Dorchester and Roxbury adversely affect the well-being of residents. ACE Board Member Neal-Dra Osgood worked on this groundbreaking research, surveying Dorchester residents to compile asthma information. Read more...

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New coalition tackles state energy crisis

December 2, 2008

The Energy Empowerment Coalition met on November 25 at Boston's historic Faneuil Hall to rouse community support for more programs to address the Commonwealth’s energy needs this winter and in the future. Speakers included Senator John Kerry, Reverend Hurmon Hamilton of the Black Ministerial Alliance and Marina Spitkovskaya of ACE

11-08 Faneuil Hall Energy Rally. Photo courtesy Rob Garrity

Formed by a growing number of individuals, public officials and organizations dissatisfied with the Commonwealth’s Winter Energy Cost Task Force report released last month, the new coalition wants the state to take a more aggressive and collaborative approach to the looming fuel crisis outlined in the report. Read more...

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State cuts will slow toxics use reduction and energy efficiency

November 24, 2008

It concerns us greatly that Governor Patrick has announced drastic cuts in the Office of Technical Assistance (OTA), the program in the Energy and Environmental Affairs office that helps industries reduce and eliminate their use of toxic chemicals and processes. The proposed cuts to OTA are so severe that they will prevent OTA from functioning effectively. We urge Governor Patrick to re-think those cuts.

Cuts to OTA would slow toxic use reduction. Photo from US Dept. of Energy

A study performed two years ago found that OTA helped industries reduce the use of toxic chemicals in Massachusetts by hundreds of millions of pounds. The study showed that companies did far better at reducing their toxics after being helped by OTA than they did before working with OTA. It was the first time an assistance program like OTA proved its effectiveness, and the report was applauded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and written up in environmental journals.

People living and working near industries assisted by OTA, as well as the workers in those industries, are the biggest beneficiaries of the reduced use of toxic chemicals. When less toxic chemicals are used, there are lower risks involved in their transportation, storage, use, and disposal. This results in less air pollution, water pollution, hazardous waste and fewer toxins in our products. Read more...

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Green streets, healthier lives

November 18, 2008

The Globe's Green Blog recently highlighted a study touting the health benefits of community green space.

REEP youth at ACE's summer outing enjoy one of the few Roxbury parks

The study suggested that parks, trees, and landscaped areas in a neighborhood can help reduce residents' risk of heart attack and stroke.

Even the tiniest green spaces can be powerful tools in confronting public health problems. As one of the doctors who conducted the study put it, "This study offers valuable evidence that green space does more than 'pretty up' the neighborhood - it appears to have real effects on health inequality, of a kind that politicians and health authorities should take seriously."

ACE has understood and advocated for the benefits of green spaces for a long time. Green spaces, in the form of parks, urban farms, and trees on local streets, can reduce localized pollution and encourage recreation. Read more...

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Pictures from ACE's 2008 Annual Meeting

November 14, 2008

A warm thank you to everyone who came out and made ACE's Annual Meeting a blast this year. It was great to see so many members and supporters and be able to share this work for environmental justice - we wouldn't be able to do it without you.

Much appreciation also goes to our volunteers, members and interns who helped set things up and made the event run smoothly all night. Enjoy the pictures!

REEP presents the upcoming year's priorities
Members enjoy the evening

See more pictures...

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REEP alum to be honored by the National Wildlife Federation

November 13, 2008

Tonight, ACE's own Carlos Moreno will receive the prestigious National Conservation Achievement Award, also known as the "Connie Award," in Washington D.C.

Carlos (center) at a United Youth and Youth Workers of Boston rally for youth jobs funding

For the past 43 years the National Wildlife Federation has held the Connie Awards as a commemoration to "individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to protecting wildlife through education, advocacy, and on–the–ground conservation."

Carlos has been chosen in the Youth award category for his extensive environmental justice work and organizing that has raised $1.75 million for the development of youth jobs and programming in Boston.

"Carlos is a remarkable young man and his leadership at ACE has inspired both youth and adults. We are very proud of him," said Jodi Sugerman-Brozan, Program Director at ACE. Read more...

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ACE Annual Meeting tomorrow!

November 11, 2008

You’re invited to ACE's Annual Meeting tomorrow!

You're invited to ACE's Annual Meeting, November 12, 2008, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at ACE

Each fall members, staff, supporters and youth come together to celebrate the achievements of the past year and decide on the environmental justice work for the next year. Attendees will enjoy a great dinner, learn more about our programs and campaigns and get to meet other people involved in this work. Read more...

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Congratulations Penn!

November 10, 2008

From left: Charles Lee of the EPA with Khalida Smalls and Penn Loh of ACE.

We're pleased to announce that our very own Penn Loh was recently honored with an EPA New England Merit Award.

Penn has been at ACE since 1996 and has provided us with strong visioning and guidance in his most recent role as Executive Director. He currently also teaches at Tufts University and can be spotted biking all over the city. Penn is an asset to ACE as well as the environmental justice movement, and we know he'll continue to make great contributions to this work.

The award was presented by Charles Lee, Director of the Office of Environmental Justice. Charles has been a leader in the environmental justice movement for a number of years and continues to push for fair regulation and development within communities. Read more...

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New videos feature youth and environmental justice

November 6, 2008

Photo from 1000 Voices Archive and EJCC

Check out these videos of young environmental justice organizers created by the 1000 Voice Archive and the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative. The videos feature four young organizers explaining how they realized their calling to fight for environmental justice. This project is part of the 1000 Voices Archive, a "national collection of video stories created by filmmakers and communities across the country" that is being used to "encourage community conversations."

The short videos introduce Kari, Tony, Nia and Lllai, four youth activists who are engaging their communities in the green movement while also advocating for EJ issues. Read more...

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